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Introducing Battery Light Technologies “PP1250” portable Power Pack 12 volt 5.0 Ah battery pack and universal chargers. The design of the battery includes a cigarette lighter socket and allows for a multitude of uses from charging your cellphone, watching your portable television, extending the range of portable spotlights, and can even be used with power inverters to run many 120 AC volt devices such as laptops. A reliable 120 volt AC wall mount battery charger fully charges the battery overnight. The built in belt clip allows for convenient carrying when used with portable spotlights. This battery will give up to 500 full discharge uses or up to 5 years of intermittent use. Unlike other batteries the PP1250 can be stored for long periods without irreversible damage. The universal charger can be customized to charge any kind of cell.  Starting out with predefined values the charger can be changed in almost every regard.  Though the custom chargers could serve as replacements for almost any existing battery pack charger, it is recommended (for safety reasons) to adhere to the one specified and/or offered by the supplier of said battery pack.  Custom connectors, colors, and other options are available for special volume or OEM orders on both products.

More Products will be provided VERY SOON!!!