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12 Volt Power Pack PDF

Showing connector and belt:
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Cells: 10 D cells

Pack Voltage: 12.0 Volts (v) (1.2v per Cell)

Current max: 9.0 Amps (A)

Cell Capacity: 5.0 Amp Hour (Ah)

Pack weight: 4.0 pounds (lbs)


Plug: Two Prong USA (120 Volts (v) 60 Hertz (Hz) 16 Watts (w))

Output Voltage: 13.5 Volts (v) DC

Current: 500.0 milliAmps (mA) (14-16 hour charge rate)

Charger Connector: Center Positive

Charger weight: 1.0 Pound (lb)

Short list of products that can use this pack: